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Current Price

1 CLT = $1

Minimal Purchase Amount is 100 CLT (0.025 BTC or 0.3 ETH)

Token Distribution



For purchasing the tokens please Sign Up and transfer Bitcoins or Ethereum to your personal deposit address. Our system processes transactions from any wallets and crypto-exchanges. If you have other cryptocurrencies, then you can use integrated ShapeShift.io exchange service. The conversion rate will be fixed at the moment of sending the transaction. When the transaction is confirmed by the network, the tokens will be credited to your account balance at the previously fixed rate.
CoinLoan Token (CLT) - an ERC-20 compatible token, built on Ethereum blockchain. The main task of the CLT token is to pay fees for providing or borrowing a loan. 1 CLT allows paying the platform fee for borrowing a loan up to $10000. In addition, it will be possible to reduce the interest rate on obtaining a loan by offsetting the part of the rate with a CLT token.
Distribution of Tokens will take place after the ICO end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased CoinLoan Tokens on an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet set in the account settings.
Pre-ICO will end on October, 29, at 14:00 UTC or immediately after all Pre-ICO tokens are sold. ICO will be launched in 14 days after Pre-ICO.
The token price at the stage of the main ICO will vary from $2 to $8, depending on the amount of funds raised. After the official launch of the platform, SCO will take place. The token price will comprise not lower than $10. All fees for providing and borrowing loans will be calculated on the basis of this price.
This information will be available after token distribution. We will do our best to list our tokens on the largest crypto-exchanges.
50 million CLT tokens will be issued over the entire period and distributed among the participants of Pre-ICO, main ICO, SCO and the team with advisors. The tokens will be distributed as follows:
  • 10% (5 million) — Pre-ICO (Pre-Sale)
  • 50% (25 million) — ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • 30% (15 million) — SCO (Secondary Coin Offering)
  • 10% (5 million) — Reserve of the team and advisors.
Each ICO participant has a unique deposit address for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows sending transactions from any wallets and crypto-exchanges. This system has been implemented due to the particular nature of our token model because we need to tie the token value to the fiat currency.
The platform will not provide a pre-set interest rate. It will be fully market-dependent. The lender will set the interest rate in his/her loan application, and the borrower will state the desired interest rate for getting a loan. The system will automatically bring the matching applications together.
Currently, we are performing the pre-sale and can't name the precise date and exchange names. This information will be available after ICO. We will try to list our token on several largest crypto-exchanges as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, at the moment we only accept cryptocurrency, but you can purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum at third-party services.
You may set the standard Gas Limit limit as for a regular transaction.
Yes, sure. We have special offers for deposits starting from $100K. Please contact us for details.